Would like to try and experience the feathery glide of a ballerina on a dance floor? Or perform a dizzying pirouette? Jump like a gazelle or bend like a snake?

In this ballet lesson for grown women, we will not advance by strict pedagogical rules but we will play creative ballet. You can forget too tight a ballet bun or squeezing ballet tights!

Wilder Ballerinas ballet experience suits best for someone who has done ballet in her youth or otherwise has the basic skills of ballet. It doesn’t matter if the skills are a bit rusty or you have forgotten most of it, but the experience offers most if you have at least some clue about terms and idea of ballet. In the workshop, we will do the basic moves of ballet, train the skills of coordination, elasticity and strength. Not forgetting the aesthetics. But we will also do a lot of easy sets of dance: we will be absorbed by beautiful music, breathe it and dance by it. We will play ballerinas.

Instead of reaching sky, we will try to achieve good contact with ground—in a relaxed way. But we will also jump as high as we can get and waltz all around the classroom—spinning our heads dizzy. We will bend our limbs to all possible directions. Perhaps we will also recall the memories of our childhood dance experiences: wonderful moments and traumatic comments and severe conditionings. But above all, we will laugh. A lot!

The feedback Villipihlaja has received about its dance experiences tells that these have been ’empowering’, ‘curing’, ‘liberating’ and ‘adorably different’. People have felt safe to dance through joy and play in our experiences.

In this experience, we will dance ballet through JOY!

  • DURATION: 2 hour