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I am a 1978-born freelancedancer and performer, teacher, nature and environmental advisor, natural resources producer, wild vegetables advisor, mother, spouse and of course, a lot of other things as well. The best description could be “an old ballerina gone wild”. 
Years ago I got really interested about understanding myself and looking behind roles people normally perform in their life. I tried to look deep to find my roots, but at the same time the joy of being. Nature was—and still is— my best teacher in all of this.

As I was changing through this process of understanding myself so was my work. Teaching ballet changed to guiding dance meditation, muscle exercises made way to a more holistic approach of taking care of my whole body. Striving for a ‘right posture or move’ changed to listening of my body. Finally the dance studio changed to forest and my body and mind developed a taste to wild and authentic movement. I understood that as my favorite tree, rowan, is not meant for straight lines of trees of modern commercial forestry, I am not meant to be in the rigorous rows of a corps de ballet.

  • Nature and Environmental Advisor

  • Natural Resources Producer

  • Nature Connection Advisor

  • Wild Vegetables and Herbs Advisor

  • Dancer

  • Dance teacher

Mia Jokiniva from Villa Mandala recommends Villipihlaja's activities
The compassionate and warm personality of Karoliina immediately makes an impression. She is a reliable professional, who guides her customers to new experiences by guaranteed know-how, joy and excellent sense of humour. Meeting with Karoliina is always 100 % presence. I definitely recommend her services.
Marja-Liisa Manka

Karoliina has deeply familiarised herself with facts how nature affects one’s physical and mental well-being. She is a stirring and bubbly personality. I can warmly recommend her!

Marja-Liisa Manka, Adjunct professor of well-being at work
Anne Jouhtinen

The decades of performing as a dance artist has given Karoliina a strong basis to meet different people: she is a empathic, profound and encouraging person. Her sensitivity towards nature and life is unique: working with her has given me joy and light. Very much recommended!

Anne Jouhtinen, choreographer, folk artist, naturopath