Something new for a bride to be?

This experience offers a one hour tour about edible wild vegetables and herbs especially designed for the bride: Which vegetable is the best friend of woman? What is the plant that balances the hormone levels of a woman? Which three vegetables are especially good for the groom? Which plants make the best footbath?

This package is full of intensive information about ecological, nutritious and free superfood but presented with humour and joy. After this package you will see food all over the ground and fall in love with wretched weeds!

The experience is enjoyable and educative not only for bride to be but for all other party members as well!

  • DURATION: 1 hour
  • LOCATION: as agreed
  • PERSONS: max 25
  • PRICE: from EUR 199 (incl.VAT 24%) Price depends on number of persons and includes this program, a small gift to the bride to be and entrepreneur’s travel expenses in the Tampere region.
  • AVAILABILTY:  from May to September