Privacy Policy 11.4.2019

Registrar: Tmi Villipihlaja (1357361-7) Ilmarinkatu 39 A 7 33500 Tampere [email protected]

We collect personal information to enable customer relationship. The reason for processing personal data are the legal commitments caused by the agreement between customer and company. Giving personal data to company is a prerequisite for an agreement to take place. In other words, you cannot order services or products from our webstore without giving personal data.

We also collect personal data for marketing. The legal grounds for this is a separate agreement by customer.

We are not making any profiling or automatic decisions about your personal data.

The persons processing your personal data:
– Company owner Karoliina Laitinen
– Payment processing company (, who receives the payment made in shop
– Online booking software, that we use for bookings 
– freight company that transports the product to you (only in cases of physical products, at the moment not in use)
– accounting company
– IT service provider (Mikko Manka)

We store your personal data:
– on webshop for five years
– on email archives for seven years
– on accounting data for seven years

You have following rights:
– a right to check personal data we have about you
– a right to correct data in cases of mistakes
– a right to restrict personal data usage (e.g. you can deny right to use your data for marketing)
– right to object personal data processing
– a right to revoke consent (e.g. consent for marketing
– a right to make a complaint to authorities.

Please note that you have ‘right to be forgotten’ only if we do not have any legal obligations to store your data and continue processing that data.

Who are we?

The website address is: The owner of the site is  Tmi Villipihlaja (VAT number:FI13573617) / Karoliina Laitinen

Personal data collected in the website


When users leave comments to the site, we collect information in the comment form and IP address and browser version information in order to prevent spam.
The anonyme hash information made from email may be sent to Gravatar-service. Privacy policy for Gravatar can be found at:


Please avoid uploading media with location data (EXIF GPS). The visitors may download and see location data of the pictures in the site.

Contact forms

E-mail, name and telephone numbers will be collected from the contact forms in order to allow interaction between the company and the customer.


If you leave a comment, you can choose to save name, email and url-address to a cookie for enhanced user experience. This cookie information will be removed from a browser within a year.

If you have account and you log in to the site, we use temporary cookie to see if your browser supports cookies or not. This cookie doesn’t contain personal data and it will be removed when browser is closed.
When you log in, we store several cookies containing login information and screen settings. Login information will be removed in 48 hours and screen settings after one year. If you choose “remember me” in login, your login information will be stored for two weeks. When logging out login cookies will be removed.
If you publish an article or edit one we will store a cookie to the browser that contains the ID of the article in question. This cookie will expire in 24 hours.

Embedded content

The articles in this site may contain embedded information (videos, pictures, articles, or booking widget (Bokun)). Opening embedded information is comparable to visiting third party site.

These sites may gather data about you, use cookies or embed third party cookies and monitor your interaction with embedded material.


We use Google Analytics and its advertising and ecommerce features. The service uses cookies and other techniques to gater and receive information about site users and use this information to offer services and advertisements. Individual users cannot be recognised of the data gather. If you want, you may prevent gathering the Google Analytics information. More information in Google’s privacy policy.
The site uses Facebook Pixel to gather information about usage of the site. Facebook may connect your visit to your Facebook profile. Villipihlaja doesn’t store or see this information. You may forbid usage of Facebook Pixel here.

How long do we store your data?

Comments and their metadata will be stored for now. This will be done to accept your next comments automatically without manual moderation.

We store all registred users’ profile information, if there are such. All the users have right to see, edit and remove their personal data. Only user name is uneditable. Website administrators may see and edit your profile.

What are your rights to your data?

If you have user account to this site or you have left comments, you may ask a summary of your personal data containing all the data you have given us. You may also ask us to delete your personal data. The right to removal of your personal data does not include personal data that we have to store for administrative, legal or data security reasons.

Where do we sent your data?

Comments to the site may be checked by automatic antispam service.